Today, York Region started booking online appointments for York Region residents age 80+ to receive their COVID-19 vaccination. Within the first two hours, approximately 20,000 appointments were booked across five York Region locations. At this time, clinics are fully booked. As more vaccine becomes available, York Region will resume COVID-19 vaccine booking.

Residents will be notified when future appointments are available through multiple communication channels, including on, social media, and through media and community partners. At this time residents are urged to remain patient and will be notified as more appointment bookings become available.

Housing providers are asked to refer tenants and members to for further information.

Resources have been developed that may be shared with your tenants and members. Please display the poster (link below) in your communities to direct your tenants and members to the website for the latest information on availability of vaccinations and booking an appointment. Links to additional resources are provided below.

The health and well-being of York Region residents continues to remain a priority and we thank you for your role in helping to protect those who are most vulnerable.


The following educational resources are also available: 

You may also wish to direct inquiries to: 

Thank you.